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Browar Staropolski
Zenon Anstadt

Established in 1892 by one of the members of most famous and respectful brewery families of that period, Zenona Anstadta, from the beginning Brewery was valued by the deep taste of polish beer.

In Year 1916 property was acquired by family of Magierkiewicz and stayed under their management till breakout of World War II. Brewery was functioning in times of German occupation providing working space for the local population.

Next owner was family of Blusiewicz, which was running the brewery in years 1947-1951. In the end of 1951 Brewery was nationalized and incorporated into Brewery Department of Lodz. In the brake of 1996 and 1997 family of Blusiewicz reclaimed their rights to Brewery and begun beer production as a family company under the name of Browar Staropolski.Modernization of the Brewery allowed to increase the production power up to 100 thousands hectoliters of beer per year.

The end of XX century was a very successful year for the Brewery and management decided to export their products to USA and UK, where it become very popular among Britons and American Poles. Brewery was sold in 2007 due to the weak strategy in fighting for the consumer on the brewery market, at that time mainly dominated by large corporations. Following years were very difficult for Staropolski Brewery, which resulted in Brewery bankruptcy.

In 2014 Brewery was bought by Dystrybucja Pomorze, private limited company.

Distribution of beer in the past.


Staropolski Brewery Gardens

Staropolski Brewery was taken over in 2014 and our mission since was fuelled by intention to bring the Brewery to its past glory and actively participate in development of the local community. Our recent project intends to build local touristic track which will lead through Zdunska Wola and Brewery itself. We intend to support local cultural development through active participation in local initiatives.

We began our mission with renovation of the production equipment and Brewery itself. Our intention is to recreate it previous appearance starting with fermenting and maturing department. These actions allowed as to resume the production on five different types of beers: Strong, Honey, Gold, Barrel and Chmielowe. All beer produced in Staropolski Brewery is truthful to the oldest and highly valued polish traditional recipes. In our Brewery we use traditional, open beer fermentation and maturing. Our renovation intends to bring the former glory of the property with restoration of the nearby park and soundings, which would fit with the city’s architecture.

We intend to take an active participate in creation of the beer culture in Poland through consumption not only beer products but promotion of the regional cuisine and food. Our intention is to achieve it through monthly markets organised in the Brewery area. Each event would be accompanied by the performance of local bands.

Staropolski Brewery intends to actively support life of the local community through development of internships for high school and trade school graduates. Currently we are part of program, which intends to support citizens above 50th year old.

About family Anstadt

Karol Gottlob Anstad was born in Saksonia in 1801. His search for employment leads him to Turk where in 1836 he established textile factory. After seven years he moved to Lodz, which took lead in textile production, and he started producing white perkale at Srednia 34 street (today’s Pomorska street). In the middle of XIX century,

Europe was going through major crisis due to civil war in North America. During that time a lot of well functioning textiles factories in Lodz were loosing their estates. Many of these factories went bankrupt in that period. Anstadt decided to rebrand, as he was failing in competing within this challenging market. So he decided to try his chances in beer production market.

Huge influence on this decision was placed on his grownup sons who were leading these actions, as Anstad himself was long after 60 years old at that time. All in all in 1867 he build first industrial brewery building - saltworks located at Srednia Street (now Pomorska). The factory was flourishing and next sections were added over the years. His creator died in 1874 and was buried in the old cemetery. Wife of Karol’s – Teresa Nietsche – joined him in 1887.

Anstadts were living in the house near Polnocna 18, however they changed their accommodation to modest house build in 1960s near 34 Srednia street. They had five sons: Karol, Fryderyk, Ludwig, Zenon and Aleksander as well as two daughters: Amalia and Teresa. Sons were continuing family business. Ludwik, Zenon i Fryderyk Karol’s best-known heir was Ludwik. He took over managing family’s business as technical director and was responsible for factory’s expansion after his father’s death. More buildings were build such as warehouse, malt house, stables and houses for workers. Buildings were reaching river Lodka.

Anstad’s brewery was under constant modernization, new and better machinery was added to produce the highest quality beer; among them pilsner and bavarian, which gained many quality awards for the brewery. Ludwik had not only great expertise in beer production but in business development, which contributed to company’s success. In 1881 Ludwik initiated creation of the park in the river’s valley, which was named after his wife Helena, Helenow. Zenon, in family business, was involved in trade and was head of operations. Anstad’s brewery had warehouses in different polish cities, as well as Wilno and Warsaw. In Lodzi it run few premises, where they traded the golden spirit own production at the Nowy Rynek 2, Piotrkowska 151, Glowna 50, Konstantynowej 13. Plenty of gatherings/parties organized in Helenowo, worked as a demand market for the products due to number restaurants and bars in that area. Anstad’s park became with time an obligatory spot to be present once in a while to be considered among the higher class of the society. It was mainly visited by the representation of the rich bourgeoisie from Lodz.

Plenty of disputes were made on to necessity to lengthen Polnocna street with direct neighbor, Robert Biedermannem, which ended in failure. That is why Andstad decided to create his own route connecting Pomorska street with park. In this place there is now the street named after the brewery’s creator. It was a gorgeous avenue where elegant horse carriages were parked. Moreover, Zenon Anstadt was part of the tram consortium and he intended to create a line directly to Helenow. Since 1888 owners of the Towarzystwa Akcyjnefo Browaru Parowego Sukcesorow K. Anstada became all of the five children of Karol Anstad along his grandson Piotr Leopold and husband of the oldest sister of Julius Handke, which in 1900 became the CEO of the firm. Ludwik Anstad has built his own brewery at today Sedzikowska street, he however remained stakeholders at his father’s business. He builds his villa in the park. Unfortunately he did not have a chance to expand his business as he died in 1902, and was buried in the old cemetery. The enterprise was taken over by his son Karol Ludwig with co-owners becoming his two daughters Helena Stefania and Maria Teres. Zenon Anstadt build his own brewery in Zdunska Wola, he passed away in 1914. His wife was Helena Lemm and they had three children: Karol Gustaw, Oskar and Ella Malgorzata, Their ancestors still live in Poland. Fryderyk who was still formally in the management of the company through out his whole life was majorly ill and spend almost 40 years on the wheel chair. He died childless in 1911 and is buried at the old cemetery.

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